Signing and Request Sign to The Recipient

  1. Upload Your Document

Upload your document before you sign or share to the recipients. Your document must be in .PDF format. You can also drag and drop your file to upload.

After your document is successfully uploaded, a pop up will show and you need to enter your document title. There are two options :

  • Enter your desired the document title

If you enter the document title, your uploaded document filename will be renamed.

For example :

Your original document title : example_file.pdf

You enter the document title to : example_file_change.pdf

You document will be renamed to example_file_change.pdf

  • Leave it blank to use your original filename

If you choose to use your original filename, your uploaded document title will use its original filename. 

For example :

Your original document title : example_file.pdf

And you click the Use current filename

Your document will save as the original name (example_file.pdf)

What happen if you have not share your uploaded document

The document will be saved in DRAFT folder

Invalid document extension

Your file must be in .PDF format

2. Add Recipient

Add your recipient using email and choose its role (signer/viewer). If you’re the only signer in the document, please check I am the only signer. There are two types of recipient role :


This role indicates the recipient who can sign/reject the document.


This role indicates the recipient who can only view and not be able to sign/reject the document.

3. Signature Placement

With this feature, you can easily configure the signature position for all signers related to your document. To perform this feature, please follow below steps:

  • Click or drag Signature button
  • Place signature into your preferred place
  • Select signature holder name
  • Repeat the steps above for all of your signers

Place more signature positions, let’s double check

In the Premium version you can place a signer’s signature with multiple placement.

You must place the signature position of all recipients with a signer role before continuing the process.

4. Reason

Enter some words on this section to indicate what is the reason you sign/reject the document. It will be embedded into your digital signature metadata on your PDF document. Please take notes that only signers can fill this section since viewers are not able to sign/reject documents.

If you are not entering any reason in this section, we will generate a default reason “I agree to proceed this document”. Your reason may contain a maximum of 70 characters.

5. Document Review

This page allows you to review your document for once before you send it to the recipients. You can preview your document content, recipients and signers’ position.

Skip Review

You can immediately sign and send the document without previewing it by clicking the skip review button.

6. Message

You can customize a message to your recipient before sharing the document. This message will be shown in a body copy of the email to your recipient. Type your message wisely since the maximum length allowed are only 255 characters.

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