Document Information Page

  1. Details

Document details consist of three data below:

a. Title

The document title and filename

b. Upload date

Document uploaded date and time

c. Pages

Number of the document pages.

  1. Owner

Display the document owner name and email.

  1. My Signature

This section displays your signature information such as:

  • ID – Document unique ID
  • Timestamp – Date and time when you sign the document
  • Reason – Your signing reason
  • IP Address – Your IP Address when you sign the document
  • Signed Page – On what page your signature(s) are being placed
  • Device – Platform that you use to sign the document
  1. Document History

History is a set of records which shows chronological events that happened to the document until the document status becomes completed. Events that recorded are as below:

  • Upload Document
  • Sent Document
  • Sign Document
  • View Document
  • Document Completed
  1. Download Document History

You can download the document history of your document by proceeding below steps:

  • Go to your inbox
  • Open a document that you want to look up
  • Click the three dots menu on the top right of the document view
  • In the document info select the download audit trail
  1. Recipient Info

This page will show you three different kinds of the signer status as below:

  • Signed

Signer already sign the document

  • Waiting

Signer has not sign the document

  • Reject

Signer reject the document