Password Guide

Change Password

We recommend you to change your password regularly for your security and convenience. Please proceed below steps to change your password:

  1. Login to your PrivyNow Account
  2. Click your Avatar which located on the top right of PrivyNow dashboard
  3. Click Settings
  4. Click password Change button
  5. Fill your old password, setup your new password and confirm your new password
  6. Click Update

Forgot Password 

  1. Go to forgot password
  2. Fill your email
  3. Check the captcha
  4. Send me access code
  5. You will get code in your email from

The way to reset the password

  1. After forgot password, please go to your email
  2. You will get email code from, and open the email
  3. Click the code
  4. Fill new password and confirm new password
  5. Continue

What happens after you change your password

If you change or reset your password, you weill be signed out.