Register to PrivyNow

To use PrivyNow, users must create an account in PrivyNow platform or use their Google account.

To create an account in PrivyNow platform, please follow below steps:

1. Go to PrivyNow registration page

2. Fill the information below :

  • Full name 

Name has to be alphabets with minimum 5 characters and () symbol can be used as exception

  • Email address

Must be in correct email format

  • Password

At least 8 characters contain alphanumeric and uppercase letter

  • Password Confirmation

Fill in the exact same password above

  • Check the Captcha
  • Click Create Account button
  1. Verify your email
  • Check your email inbox
  • Open the email and click Active Account

4. Use the account you created to login and sign your document

The email is taken

When your email is already used or you have been registered in PrivyNow, please proceed below steps:

  1. Click Forgot your password button
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Check the Captcha
  4. Click Send Me Access Code

When you have been registered using your Google Account, simply click Google icon on PrivyNow login page and follow further steps or perform Forgot your password steps.

Register and Login with Google Account

You can immediately use PrivyNow with your Google account

  1. Go to PrivyNow login page
  2. Click Google icon
  3. Choose your preferred Google Account
  4. Follow further steps required from your Google Account

If you find difficulties while registering an account in PrivyNow, email us at

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